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Bingo-Lee International was established with the view of developing small and medium-sized businesses, providing procurement of goods and services, trade and investment facilitation, specialised services to corporate clients, management development, vocational skills training, business consultancy, research and publishing, and marketing management. The prime focus for BLI’s training and development programmes are the entrepreneurs, the work-force, line and senior managers and administrators in the public, parastatal, non-governmental and private sectors on the African continent. The volume of BLI operations is envisaged to grow substantially over the next few years such that the organisation will run programmes for corporate clients and individual trainees from not only in sub-Saharan Africa, but also in the USA, Europe, Asia and South America. The organisation has undertaken to align itself not only with socio-economic developments in Africa and rest of the G-20, but also contributing to trade promotion, entrepreneurial development, manpower training, management and leadership development needs of the continent.
BLI's long term objective is to develop into the leading business development and investment corporation regionally and globally, an effective procurement agency, an efficient trade and investment facilitator, quality service provider and management development centre, thus contributing to the improvement of the organizational competence and productivity of its clientele in the public, private and parastatal sectors of the economies of the African countries, through efficient delivery of services and the teaching of managerial, leadership and vocational skills. Determined to succeed and committed to act in unity, BLI aims at inculcating a spirit of integrity, mutual trust and excellence in performance in all its internal and external relationships and operations.
Bingo-Lee International has thus developed and transformed its business into a world-class model over the past seven (7) years since the organisation was formed. Among the activities that the company has sought over the years includes trade, investment facilitation, business development, franchise development, marketing, strategic development, procurement and product supplies. Through its global partnerships, BLI has thus positioned itself to maximise on the opportunities presented by global demands and the network of supply-chains that exist in the world.

Short description: Bingo-Lee International is a company which develops business, facilitates trade and investment locally and globally.
Slogan: Leading Entrepreneurs to Success in Business, Trade and investment!
Telephone: +268 -76058585, +268-25053339


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