Bespoke Consulting Pty Ltd


Business description

Since the inception of Bespoke Consulting, the company has grown to be recognized as a diversified business with interests in different sectors such as General Trading, Logistics and operations, Real Estate, Heavy Equipment’s, Manufacturing, Food and Farming, Imports and exports and investments consultancy. We offer Bespoke services to any business Solution.

Short description: Bespoke Consulting is an extensive network of business relationships and this coupled with our market intelligence, know-how and skills, manage projects and companies that are financially viable and sustainable
Company address: 1st Floor Block A, Sandton Close 2A , Sandton
Slogan: We are here to serve
Postal Code: 2024
Telephone: 0793590311
Mobile phone: 0793590311
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Unique Selling Point: Through Direct Marketing and building Profitable Relationships, Bespoke has Bought, Built and Sold Businesses that are financially viable
Contact Person: Jose G
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