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I'm a qualified teacher and performer in Film,theatre, musical theatre and voice over work. I'm a published poet both in South africa and America. I also write lyrics, plays and screenplays and am currently learning to play the keyboard. I love the beauty of life. Beauty in everything is important for me because we live in a world so consumed with negativity, that all that really survives is LOVE and BEAUTY.I'm an Actress for film and theatre. A teacher for film, theatre and musical theatre. A performer of musical theatre. A published poet both in SA and America. I write plays and am working on a screenplay. I'm a lyricist and write my own songs. Barbara Barbieri was born in Cape Town, with a dream of persueing Musical Theatre. At the age of four, she took up ballet which would help her in establishing a career in show business, studied singing, everything from light music to opera which would help in giving her voice a flexible range. She then too discovered a love for acting – predominantly film acting & took part in every type of production possible At City Varsity she studied ‘Acting for the Camera’ with Aletta Bezuidenhoudt (South African Actress), Tony Perris (Warner Brothers Scholar and Director) and Gerard Rudolph (South African Actor). She futhered her studies at Trinity Guildhall College of London, studying Theatrical Performance Drama and Teaching, under Ralph Lawson and Musical Theatre Performance and Teaching, under Barry Prince, in which she attained the highest level of Trinity of London Guildhall qualifications: L.T.C.L Performing and Teaching in Drama and Musical theatre; (4 qualifications in total) which in South Africa is equivalent to a B.A of Arts and Teaching in University. She has worked at various establishments: Waterfront Theatre College, Northlink College, and Faces4Film Casting Agencyand THAT! Agency in order to gain experience which would enhance her teaching and performing career, however, this opened her eyes to the lack of tuition regarding the performing arts and film and gave her the idea of taking everything she had studied and the experience she had acquired to develop courses which would enhance and cater for the most important aspects in performing arts today, regarding film and theatre. She has also worked extensively in correcting speech impediments and catering for the Transgender community, an area in which she has had great success. This is how Biebie Productions (Pty) Ltd was established.

Short description: I'm a qualified teacher and performer in Film,theatre, musical theatre and voice over work.
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