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BASSETTI China is specialised in Technical Expertise Management since 20 years. We have three main products:

A cutting-edge platform designed to organise, share, and secure technical information and of major help for: R&D departments, experimental data / raw data management, design plans, test results management, Quality Management, traceability, technical sourcing, databases management.

BASSETTI is also renowned to outsource technical experts. We provide cost effective and flexible HR support to industrials in China.

BASSETTI offers assistance in R&D subsidies intelligence and application. The funding we obtain for our customers can cover up to 20% of their investments!

We already have a lot of successful projects in China with clients such as L'Oreal, Alstom Transport, PSA, Biomerieux, Valeo, Parlex Corporation, Schneider Electric, Owens Corning, EADS, Sogefi, Faurecia, Ilapak, Electrolux, Kone, Rhodia, Saint Gobain, Unicomp, Bluestar, Ensival Moret, CIAT.

Short description: BASSETTI CHINA为所有在中国的的研发型,技术型企业提供从专业知识管理到专家人力资源,科研补贴咨询,技术观察等各种服务
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Company address: 上海市徐汇区肇嘉浜路807号12B
Postal Code: 200032
Telephone: 021 5450 3217
Mobile phone: 18017687960
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Unique Selling Point: 从各个方面帮助在中国的科研科技企业
Contact Person: Joey Ge
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