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Our transport and taxi services within Johannesburg are one of the best. We are at your services and you can contact us whenever required. Astro Trip is based just next to the biggest International airport (O.R. Tambo International Airport) in Africa for our clients’ convenience. We have a local reputation to deliver quality services to our clients. Our gallery will give you proof of client satisfaction. Our team has experience in the transport industry for more than 10 years and not only will we meet your requirements, but also exceed your expectations. With us around you do not have to struggle with any transport or taxi services within Johannesburg.

Short description: Taxi, shuttle and transport company
Company name
Company address: 1410 Agnes Street, Boubosrand, Fourways
Slogan: Reach new heights
Postal Code: P.O. Box 7891
Telephone: 0117045125
Mobile phone: 0798253508
Twitter account:
Skype username: astro.trip


Unique Selling Point: Our service is very flexible and competative
Chamber of Commerce:: 2011/04827/23
Contact Person: Natasja Fienies
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