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Mmaculate cleaning service was founded way back in 20011to provide its facilities management business with its own cleaning services. With the vast experience in both cleaning services and management skills, it has grown into a professional cleaning services catering both residential and commercial market, satisfying its clients with its sound and effective professional skills. Our continuous training to enhance its technical skills, safety and management give us the credibility to proudly give customer satisfaction. Mmaculate cleaning Services have developed a system on how we can effectively serve the clients’ demand for thorough cleaning but also protect the environment. We have a kin eye in choosing our products seriously and don’t allow harmful chemicals which can harm the people inside your home and work area, thus also protects the environment

Short description: General ICT Solution and home and coperate cleaning service
Company address: Mmaculate cleaning service Ltd Atico Junction Adjacent Mitsubishi Odokor Kaneshie Road. P.O.BOX 360DK Accra-Ghana.
Postal Code: 360DK
Telephone: 0541472041
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Skype username: aasante83


Contact Person: Asante Kofi Emmanuel
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