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Art On Metal is a Greek boutique company which designs, manufactures and supplies handmade metal crafts to retailers, wholesalers and privates. It was founded in 1990 in Athens, by Sophia Bakirtzi. Art On Metal established itself as a true pioneer in the market when it introduced, amongst its first collections, unique handmade metal craft creations made of copper, bronze and nickel-silver based on stone-pebble bases.

Each Art On Metal product is made with the most exacting craftsmanship using only the finest materials. This majestic tradition of offering the best craftsmanship, quality, and design continues today at our atelier as timeless “crafts” are created for covering all needs of our clientele.

Art On Metal main product offerings can be found in Greece in selected gift shops, specialized art Galleries and superstores, while tailored made solutions for weddings, christenings, privates or businesses are provided. At this time we are gradually continuing to build an international network and continue our journey of success….

Short description: Handmade Art Metal Crafts Production
Slogan: create the unthinkable...
Telephone: +30 210-93.15.027
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