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We guarantee that each lead provided by us is qualified and an interested customer is ready to hear more about your services. There are researches made in the past that has proved that the quicker you contact an interested lead for your services better are the chances to convert a lead into a sure customer. To provide you with the same we offer live transfer phone leads and real time online leads. Unlike other companies, who offer marketing services for various industries suffer in providing quality work to some level. We guarantee perfect and to the point results which are the best in the whole industry by providing specialized leads for all campaign our relationship can go further and you would come back to us every time for your needs. Get maximum closing ratios by using our services. We look forward to developing long term relationships with our clients. Your success is our motive!

Short description: we are providing merchant services and all types of data, payment gateway, BPO campaign and etc...
Company name
Company address: 201-5th avenue, opp-walmart
Slogan: never give up, we are here...
Postal Code: 10001
Telephone: +19796654151
Skype username: james.anderson3667


Unique Selling Point: new york
Chamber of Commerce:: new york
Contact Person: james
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