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We are a team of professionals with highly trained staff and experts who have the knowledge of health care systems around the world. Medical tourism has been expanding in Serbia for the past years. We know our surgeons and medical staff on a personal level. We also understand the needs of our customers… to have simple, streamlined, yet effective access to modern, safe, and affordable treatments. There is no language barrier, our agency will provide if necessary, a interpreter for you.One of our key strengths is our holistic approach to your medical condition. We assess your data, discuss it with several surgeons and suggest a treatment plan to you. We will agree on the parameters before you travel to Serbia. You will be informed exactly what will happen to you and when.
We make our prices transparent from the beginning. We also make recommendations about which hospital and surgeon we think would be best for you and why. We will discuss these choices with you. If you are unhappy with the selection we will work with you to find an alternative. This will be done without any additional costs to you. Our goal is that you will receive the best possible treatment while you are under our care.

Family Support

We encourage a family member to travel with you, – even though this is not a requirement. Whether our family is with you during your stay abroad or still at home, we consider it part of our responsibility to take care of them and to keep them informed. If you want your family to travel with you, we can manage this as well, and if they require special attention while you receive your treatment, let us take care of this.

Local Support

Artemis Agency is located in Belgrade-Serbia.This is a clear advantage not only because we can be with you quickly but also because we know our surgeons on a very personal level. We are where you are. The moment you arrive we will be there for you. You will be picked up at the airport by a Artemis member who will take you to your next destination according to your plan. While we transfer you to your hotel, we will review your case and make sure that we have all data complete and correct before we take the next step. During your stay, there will be a representative reachable for you 24 hours, – day and night.

Short description: Medical tourism
Company address: Jovana Bijelica 39
Postal Code: 11000
Telephone: +381600210254
Mobile phone: +381600210254
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