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Aquaman Pools LLC is a family owned pool care and repair company based in Scottsdale Arizona with a solid work ethic who wants to always place our clients first. We currently take care of approx. 200 pools, hot tubs, fountains & water features absolutely over 2.9 million gallons in entire water volume. All our techs are CPO (accredited pool operators) have finished rigorous testing and an intense course to reach this accreditation and professionals. This is very important for the swimmers' health using your pool.

Short description: We ensure that all water chemistry is ideal and see with most of these bodies of water one or two times weekly and all pools are appearing awesome every day for our customers.
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Company address: 23623 N. Scottsdale Rd. #D-3230
Slogan: Pool Service
Postal Code: 85255
Telephone: (480) 243-7665
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Contact Person: Chad Nikkel
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