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About Us: Entertainment Industry has been growing steadfastly, and has risen to become an independent industry in itself with various segments gaining popularity. The mantra of the day is to present an event, private or business with seamless efficiency. We, Approach Communications, a pioneer PR and Marketing Communications company, with diverse business interests, are a group of people with a futuristic vision, and possess a penchant for flawless and seamless execution of all events that are associated with us. The world strives on the ‘seeing is believing’ concept, and since our inception in 2004, we are counted in as the leading PR and Marketing Communications Group, backed by concrete results, fresh and innovative concepts that are miles ahead of the present times. Last 7 years of business involving giant clients networks have given us the confidence and the vision of being India’s top Integrated Marketing Group. By applying the simple technique of using all communication tools effectively together to create a harmony, with their sums being greater than individual parts, and thus giving us the direction of achieving our targets, personal as well as professional. With diverse interests and verticals in PR, Media, Events, Celebrity Management, Ad Film Productions, Film Productions, Film and Entertainment Marketing, Rural Communications, Business Events Management and Digital Marketing, we have come to be known as a complete and integrated marketing communications solutions company for all your personal and professional requirements. What makes us special is our approach, we believe in cultivating relationships, not just signing business deals, our strength being our ability to relate to human emotions. We stand out from the crowd and compete with high standards of quality and efficiency, rather than costs. We have the talent, fresh, young innovative minds and the expertise of industry gurus, a perfect blend of these two resulting in some mind blowing, beautiful and result oriented events, entertainment, Films, Audio Visual Productions and communications. Creativity is our forte, but we use it innovatively and sprinkle some skillful management to create the most authentic and stunning public and personal events. For catering to our huge and diverse clientele, we have come up with a strategic specialized division for Events Management, Celebrity and Talent Management, Entertainment Marketing, Advertising and Corporate Films Productions, Film Marketing, Casting and Entertainment Business Consultancy Approach Entertainment. Approach Entertainment holding specialized portfolios in the fields of Events Management, Celebrity and Talent Management, Film Productions, Film and Entertainment Marketing and Film PR with a vision and expertise of the best talent in industry. Celebrity and Talent Management: Celebrity clients associated with us are assured of their Image and PR Management skills, and they have the confidence of resting in safe hands. From publicity to contracts, we handle it all for you. Your presence in events begets you the attention you rightly deserve and your professional matters are handled diligently, without as much as poking your personal space. When you leave it on to us, be assured that the industry’s best people are the ones working for you, and we offer you results, rather than conventional talks. Talent Management is another forte we excel in, we believe in discovering, grooming, and presenting the best talent that country has to offer. We also extend our services to existing talent divas, and take care of all their professional hassles. Events Management: A personal event like a wedding, or a corporate business meet, Approach Entertainment meets all your requirements with utmost dedication and zeal. Your perspective of the event is important to us, and we put on your thinking caps to visualize an event just like you do. We put in some technical advice, a hint or our innovation, and bring to life the dreams you have been living. Event management is all about creating possibilities, and we have panache for making dreams a reality. We cater to your professional requisites in a manner that suits the industry we are being associated with – our experts go through minutest details so that we remain aligned with our clients. Our approach is not to whither directionless, but we create paths of glory with our clients, relationships that stand pillars to our strong foundations. We strive on basics, jumping to conclusions isn’t our cup of tea. Film Productions: Films form the backbone of the entertainment industry. With Bollywood boasting of producing some 1000 bilingual odd films every year, the industry has also given way to rising opportunities. The expert panel with us helps our clients invest their funds into films productions. These experts vouch for the commercially most viable projects, and also work towards diversifying your investment portfolio. We are also involved with a host of television productions, and for smaller investors, we chunk out the most lucrative projects. With industry gurus at your beck and call, the profit bells are set ringing!! Film and Entertainment Marketing: Entertainment industry has swallowed up with various channels and programmes screaming for viewership attention, hence film and entertainment marketing techniques have taken a front seat today. The business drives on the marketing approach applied, and we are known to set examples by coming up with innovative and inventive ideas for marketing. Strong hands on marketing tools, and a tangible research output, makes us shine brightly amongst the others in the competition. Film PR : Public relations management runs in our blood, and our association with Approach Communications has not only given us a deep insight into the complex PR world, but also the industry mantras on our tips. PR is definitely our forte, and we believe, we can do it better than anyone else. We take Film PR as an extended opportunity into the existing portfolio, and the concrete results have matched the interests and the dedication we put in. On the whole, we present ourselves as the complete one stop shop for all your Celebrity Management, Events, Entertainment and Entertainment Marketing needs. We have the best of talent, and our belief is that we can only create possibilities, nothing else. We bring to you hard core devoted employees who are in love with their work, they work for the sake of their passions, and when passion confronts reality, the results are enthralling. We compete with us alone, we create our own milestones with each assignment, and we challenge our selves to push better. Excellence is not we strive for, it comes naturally to us, perfection cannot be achieved, for the standards have risen beyond it.

Short description: Approach Entertainment is India's Leading Celebrity Management, Artists Management, Talent Management, Events Management, Films Productions, Ad Films Productions, Films Marketing and Entertainment Marketing Company
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Chamber of Commerce:: India
Contact Person: Sonu Tyagi
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