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ANIMAX HEALTHCARE PVT. LTD. - Supplier and manufacturer of veterinary pharmaceuticals products, veterinary pharmaceuticals product, veterinary products, animal healthcare products, animal healthcare product and animal products.

Founded in 2004, ANIMAX HEALTH CARE has focused on the development, production and marketing of Veterinary Pharmaceuticals Products. After five years of™ effort, we have built up a modern marketing base and will keep expanding our business to every specialized aspect. Our company is committed to ensuring that the relationship between animals and humans remains positive. Our role definition is Maximum Care for Animal & Environment .

Throughout these years we have obtained the necessary experience, today we want to share our present with you, innovating and making a true commitment of quality to reach a future that we hope will be promising.

Allow us to continue establishing a narrower and more direct relationship with all our clients with the purpose of offering a better service and a deeper knowledge of our reality.

Product Range

- Milk-Mass Bolus
- Prolap Guard
- Anip-C Bolus
- Livomarine (Liver Tonic)
- Udder-Guard Liquid
- Anip-C Injection
- Utramax Liquid
- Vetcool Powder
- Dig Up Bolus

Short description: Veterinary pharmaceuticals products manufacturer
Slogan: Maximum Care For Animal & Environment
Telephone: 08432230290
Mobile phone: +919416125907
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