Adexec Global FS Co Ltd


Business description

Since its establishment, the management of [ Adexec Global Co. Ltd. Thailand] deeply realized that the only way to improve business expansion and promote commerce upgrading is to work through more advanced products and better quality/service assurance. We do not want to do the market competition in a low-end market. However, we can provide more affordable products/services to sophisticated high-end market with spirit of excellence. To meet customer needs and provide quality service-oriented spirit, we wish we can create a spirit that is exclusively belonging to "Adexec Global Co. Ltd. Thailand". Currently, our company supplies and purchase all leading metallurgical products and accessories. Through continuous innovation and R&D, we aim to meet the demand as at when due.

Short description: Very much into various trade
Telephone: +66900828212
Personal or Company websitehttp:///company/AdexecGlobalFSCoLtd


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