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All problems are emerged from unconscious mind set. Even from age of six to sixty they have disturbing mind set Particularly at student level they have so many unconscious psychological problem this will indirectly shown lower performance in studies as well as marks and behaviors. In 2001 we formed foundation to develop educational skill, life skill. This foundation now called MSK LIFE CLINIC FOUNDATION. Today all teachers/ lectures are paying invaluable services to the Student’s community. But unfortunately the student’s performance level not equal to the teachers / lectures efforts. Even though teachers/ lectures doing counseling to upgrade the Performance but can not able to achieve the result, because students are unconscious psychological conflicts. Apart from group counseling Students need individual’s psychological consultations. Difference between counseling & MSK therapy Counseling: Counseling means “helping to understand the responsibility “ Mind set knowledge therapy: This is our formula based on analytical group (or individuals) therapeutic training .Mostly all students are inner conflicts, painful motives, anxiety, fear, personal or family problem, performance related issues, etc. This is prognosis (prediction of the course and out come of a problem) and Diagnosis (symptoms and syndromes), to change the mindset. All students are unique mind set only a few students have wining mind set. Others have the mind set that loss their are studies unconsciously. So we developed new formula to reorganize their mind set knowledge simply as M.S.K. So for we applied this formula more than 65,000 students from pre KG to professional student. This helped students to increase the marks from 10% to 90% as well as students behaviors. We recently developed HPT (HUMAN PERFOMENCE TECHNOLOY) this is formula to develop the human performance at all level from student to top CEO by psychological therapeutic training. MSK LIFE CLINIC FOUNDATION Started to give continues Mind Set Knowledge Management training to the students on weekly, monthly basic according to the performance., Today An increasing amount of attention is being directed towards other than education .that incorporates a great deal of stress and challenge to the school, collage (polytechnic collage, arts collage & engineering collage), . Home environment for many students represents a place of instability and emotional upheaval where security, caring, and nurturing are depleted or non existent Separation, divorce, death, or abandonment removes one or both parents from the family. . SOME Issues of adjustments & General educational development problem. Inefficiencies in coping with basic of study, Goal setting, relationship formation, Anhedonia, or a loss of interest in activities particularly at study and homework Problem in Handling emotions, and self-esteem crystallization The lack of educational skill, Lack of attention & affection that may accompany such change adversely impacts students. Including, misbehavior; emotional imbalance, Scoring low mark, group forming, class room maladaptive behavior, depression,,,, . Ignorance to attend class, Withdrawal from collage, fear to write exam, Some students typically possess a character profile of low achievement-oriented personality structure , low self-esteem, or high self esteems, negative emotional orientation, low level anger coping skills, skewed perceptions of social norms, peer values, Exam fever,,, exam anxiety ,exam fear Frequent fail at test & exam, Can not able to complete more arrears Substance abuse behaviors, frequent absenteeism also Non cooperation with teachers Also subsequent emotional and financial difficulties of a single parent household further strain the family dynamics will affect their skill. .We provide them with the support necessary to enable them to cope with their educational situations and succeed within the collegiate environment Personal, academic, social, and professional success depends on the student's mind set .so our MSK life clinic foundation providing Periodical psychological mind set management therapeutic counseling with training to achieve successful carrier. Our mission is to create educational en life ment to the young student. Thanking you For DETAILS PLEASE conduct us M.S.K MUHAIUDDIN Consulting psychologist Certified soft skill trainer Six sigma practicener

Short description: COUNSELING for Personal and Psychological Problems of Polytechnic

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