7U Digital Originals

Business description

With more then 10 years of experience we are the perfect partner to design build and push your online strategy.

We are based in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) one of the biggest trading ports of the world. We are offering the complete package:

  • Website design and implementation HTML5 with a user friendly and SEO / Social optimised CMS. -
  • Webshops with the help of the popular opensource Magento platform.
  • Building native mobile websites and / or websites with responsive design methods (fit's automatically on tablets, mobile phones and desktop viewers).
  • Search Engine Optimalization and advise.
  • Monitoring and a continues improvement of your website. 

Our goal is always to make your website or webshop work! Feel free to contact us via: info@7u.nl

Short description: 7U is specialised in building websites, webshops, mobile and social media apps
Company name
Telephone: +31 (0) 10 - 22 10 335
Personal or Company websitehttp://www.7u.nl
Twitter account: @7utweet

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