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7 Star Marketing Pvt. Ltd, established in the year 2014, is a Leading Business Organization in the Food Products. Which is a hub for agricultural products. We deal a wide range of our products. Tea, Sugar, Rice, wheat-flour, turmeric-powder, Cumin Powder, Coriander Powder, Black Pepper Powder, Chilli Powder; Rice & Mustard Oil are production and sell. Specially in India. We are currently based in Munger (Bihar) in India We are doing business with many States and Places across in India. we understand the exact needs and with our expertise, we provide the requirement successfully to the Distributor and buyer.

Right from procurement to delivery, we are actively involved in all the operational aspects. Thus making sure that consistent quality products are delivered to our Distributor. Our absolute commitment has ensured unparalleled value and success to our Buyer.

Our Vision / Mission

  • Our Company Policy has been based on some primary aims, in order to make our trademark and  to find new markets so that we can extend the existing markets by building long-term high profile relationships and to maintain a high level of trust with our customers.
  • To provide good quality products in customer’s.
  • Our ability to identify every customer’s specific needs and providing these needs satisfactorily.
  • Our vision is to earn a good business by satisfying the Buyer through our wide range of pure Sesame Seeds.
  • Our Vision is to provide efficient service to each and very valued customer.

Our Vision = Best Quality Products + with service of Complete Customer Satisfaction

We are here to serve our valued customers, and it is our desire to retain everyone who comes to 7 Star Marketing Pvt. Ltd. as a customer. Our main success has been the positive feedback we have received from our customers. This reflects in our turnover.

Short description: The food related company to manufacture and sell all over india.
Company address: munger
Postal Code: 811214
Telephone: 9546468632
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