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PxlJobs is India's first dedicated job portal for creative and related tech jobs. It is built with advance features especially for professionals in the field of UI design, graphics,web design, Animation, Content, Game Design, Mobile Design, CAD Designers, Fashion Designers, Photographers, etc. It's been created with an aim to provide a better career opportunity to applicants and effective hiring platform for recruiters all across geography and industry.

The explicit intent of this portal is to provide extremely user-friendly platform which not only increase the visibility of resumes but also delivers highly efficient talent to the listed companies,over all concept of this portal to make creative and related tech professionals be able to find their desired jobs in line with their best interests/skills with minimal effort. Also we make sure the recruiters get the best candidate by using the data and related analytics.

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    Pxljobs is a creative & Design job portal where Candidates and Recruiters can get connected and find their desired job and perfect candidate respectively in an extremely user-friendly way.