3 Points that You Must Prioritize While Developing an Android App


For a developer it is very important to know what the points he/she needs to follow while developing an android app. Based on the understanding gathered around the expectations of the business/individual commissioning the game development a developer can decide on the structure of an app, it’s development timeline and other important aspects corresponding to the QA/testing as well future management.

Here, in this article, details around such points that may help a developer offering the Android app development solution (as well as the business/brand requiring the app) to have a clear idea of the app. In going across the points essayed below, one may want to be flexible and assemble the information in drawing conclusion for the next.

  • What would be the version of the android on which the app to run?

The app which the developer is going to develop which version of the android is it going to target. Is it 4.0 or 4.1 or other version? Every version comes with a features list, so the app should function properly with targeted version based on the features list.

  • What would be the device used by the user?

An app developed by an android app company should focus on a particular target device. Like will it be used by the user in mobile or in a tab? This should be determined before developing the app. Though an android app should be device independent, but a specified device should be targeted. Based on this the developer will determine the responsiveness and usability of the app. For example, an car racing game, it is better to be played in a tab rather than in a mobile, with tab the structure of the cars and the roads will response very smoothly, which will result to a more usability of the game app.

  • Will it be running in online mode or offline mode?

Android app development solution company should determine will the app will run internet or without internet. This also depends upon the type of the app. For example, if the app is a simple calculator, which calculates numbers which are input by the user, then no internet connection is required. Whereas, if the app is weather updates app, which will display the current weather condition to the user, then definitely internet connection will be required. So if internet connection is required, then the developer will have to define the coding in a way that if required the app can enable the internet connectivity of the user’s device and gather information from cloud.

Whatever the features the app going to provide, it has to be lightweight but still very effective, the app should take minimum resource of the device like network, battery, display etc.

Hope the points detailed above help a developer/an android company to ideate and take complete control over the fate of developing an android app. And despite the growing expanse of points to be paid heed to and while there are many points need to be followed, these points primarily will help developers to understand the primary requirements and proceed further – and businesses to have a clear estimation of the expenses and the value of the development.

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