Pros and Cons that You Must Know before Undertaking an Android App Development Project


    Nowadays people like to use app to gather information rather than a website. And if the results of a study conducted by Flurry Analytics, ComScore and NetMarketShare is to be seen, it can be easily concluded how use of apps have dominated th marketplace since April 2014.

    Be it an information-sharing app or a game, android is leading the market – and is rapidly gaining more grounds ahead of the others. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantage of an android app can be look at.

    • Advantages

      • Big advantage of an android app is that the release of an app faster compared to other types of app. The main reason behind this is that an Android Application Development company is not required to get its app registered through a particular panel.

      • Many app development company ends up being an Android App Development Company as because they don’t require any specific hardware components to setup the development environment.

      • Unrestricted development idea is the main key behind the success of android app companies.

      • The two markets into which the android apps are submitted are Google and Amazon, which are huge markets with respect to the viewership and monthly unique visitor footfalls - as a result, increases the view ratings and download ratings of an android app.

      • Android apps are very lightweight and ease of access in nature in compared to other types of app. As a result users tend to install the android app much.

    • Disadvantages

      • Due to many version releases of an android app, the support behind the product becomes less.

      • Android apps are very much exposed to the global market, so there are maximum chances of attack of virus.

      • Android apps use the system resource like battery of the device, network of the device etc. very much.

      • Generally an Android App Development Company develops an app for a particular version of android. As a result, the use of the apps in multiple environments becomes less or limited.

      • The user security system of an android app is less reliable. Because an android app can be used by any user from any location.

    Above are some of the pros and cons of an android app. And it’s ultimately the businesses commissioning the app development project that needs to see the distant goals – with respect to the advantages/disadvantages – in making a decision.

    Even if finally it’s the user who makes the final call on which app he/she will be using – and which he/she won’t – the success of an app largely upon the ‘need’ (primarily, desire) and the possibility of a solution to a problem that can be solved by the app in concern. In the count of increasing use of apps versus the websites – while competition is surging high – it’s the keen study of the above pointers that can surely help stakeholders (app developers/publishers/project commissioners) to draw a conclusion in their favour.

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