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Why travel in Nepal is an interesting question to the visitors who want to see highest peak Mount Everest, deepest gorge Kali Gandaki Valley, birthplace of Lord Buddha Lumbini, Living Goddess Kumari and to do white water rafting, wildlife safari, bungee jump, trekking to Himalaya and tour to world heritage sites is possible to there.

Nepal is a beautiful mountainous country where is 1300 mountain peaks. All year round snow covered Himalayan peaks change the color during the sunrise and sunset time, which is not to be forgotten in your life. One-hour Everest flight takes to you top of the world with scenic view of Himalayan ranges.

World is very busy because of new exploration of science and technology, so you need to take a holiday which makes you stress free, alone and mind empty if you visit remote area of Nepal where is nature garden. Take a hiking trip for few days to several days according to you time and make photography for your life memory.

Why travel to Nepal in the other hand to take an adventure trips such as sky diving, paragliding, peak climbing, White water rafting and Bungee jump. Nepal has several white water rafting course take one near from Kathmandu that is Trishuli Rafting which will be 3 hours also. The 160-meter deep jump over antecedent river Bhote Kosi with a suspension bridge also available 3 hours east of Kathmandu for the thriller.

Why travel in Nepal is not, only to go remote but also we have interesting city tour. Lord Buddha was born some of 2557 years (until 2013) ago in the southwestern part Lumbini which is 302 km far from Kathmandu. Take a flight or car to go there for couple of days. How a prince becomes Buddha, you will understand after visiting there. How he found four fold noble truths and eight fold noble paths to be free from suffering. You could do meditation there, may be encounter with incarnation Lamas. You could visit his palace where he spent his 29 years that is 27 km far from Lumbini.

Nepal was a Hindu country still 80% people follow this religion. You can visit once God Pashupatinath, Muktinath. You could see Hindu holy man Sadhu and live cremation of death people bank of the River Bagmati in Kathmandu. Nepal is only one country in the world where is religious harmony and peace.

Why travel to Nepal is not enough the previous answer. There are 10 national parks, 3 conservation area, 3 wildlife reserve 11 buffer zones and 1 hunting reserve with the activities of wildlife’s and this is one of the important destination for the animal lover in Nepal. You can take part in jungle safari, bird watching, elephant ride, hunting (blue sheep), and to know the Tharu culture. Nepal is famous for one horn rhinoceros, Royal Bengal Tiger, snow leopard, red panda, and mountain pheasant with 873 types of bird. Nepal is an ecological dreamland for the people who love wildlife. Take 2 days program to go Chitwan National Park where you can go by flight and car. Park is 165 km far from Kathmandu.

Why travel in Nepal will be, fulfill after visit there. Nepal is famous for hunting and gather group whose history goes back to 10000 years old. They live in jungle in western Nepal. They are ethnic group known as Raute and they eat monkey meat Nepal is a country of 36000 village. You can visit few day some village and see their daily life and food habit.Nepal has at least 123 ethnic groups with 125 languages. We have plenty of wetland for bird watching, fishing tour, boating lakes and holy lake for visit.

Visit to Nepal is paradise for butterfly lover where is 640 types of butterfly there. Nepal is the second world largest water resource in the world with 6000 river and rivulets. If invest the money for power will be 100000 MW power from water resource. If you like to see red panda, snow leopard, blue sheep, royal Bengal tiger go to Nepal. We have several convention centers in Kathmandu and Pokhara. You can visit world heritage sites in Kathmandu for few days also possible. Do mountain biking in Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan. You are welcome once to visit Nepal for the life memory

    Lok Bhatta

    Lok Bhatta

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