Many a times we hear that salary negotiation is an art. We could always find pundits around who share the tips to negotiate a higher salary. There are candidates who have  acquired the negotiation skills over a time period and play safe across the table.

Candidates have to compromise at the initial stages when they get a placement with a good company.  In the beginning they are in a weaker position to negotiate a relatively higher salary. There are ample factors on which the salary negotiation depends on like one’s experience, education, leadership skills and other factor like this. Salary negotiation experts say that one must be mindful of the usage of ‘’yes’ and ‘’no’’.

Salary negotiation makes it all the more arduous for the candidates who have to relocate for overseas work assignments. At times potential candidates have to let go the  remunerative offer just because they presume salary negotiation standards varies from country to country. Many of us are oblivious of the prevailing cost of living indices in other countries and cities. Even at times employers find the relocation daunting while they send their potential candidates to overseas for on-site assignments. But thankfully, accessing the cost of living information is no more a trouble. I have been able to tell all these facts only when one of my close pals, who has been an expatriate for nearly 6 years or told me that getting a cost of living report has immensely benefitted him.He has recently shifted his base in Vietnam. Salary Expectation is the leading partner that specializes in  salary Report, has designed a first of its kind Cost of living calculator  for expatriates. This unique calculator empowers the expatriates to access the cost of living information to get a detailed insight of the prevailing indices across 93 countries. What does one all need if he has an access to the information on the prices of the basic necessities from bread to 2BR apartments. Sounds great, isn’t it ? This salary calculator comes as a boon for employers as well as employees. Now, employers won’t have to compromise on potential employees, nor it is grueling for employees who had to weigh pros and cons before the relocation across the countries. This mighty calculator increases the salary that eventually maintains the standard of living, covering the cost of living differences. So the next time you must know the cost of living of the respective country for the higher salary when you relocate.