Cloud computing is invariably changing the landscape of businesses and IT companies and brought a notable revolution in organizations. Today there are companies which deploy cloud storage solutions for varied purposes. In a cloud based study it is found that nearly 88% of companies use cloud services for cost saving and 56% of respondents agreed that cloud strategy and planning have helped them boost profits. IT organizations rely on cloud solutions to upgrade the IT infrastructure, offering companies the strategies and innovative solutions.  Nearly 62% companies have shown that they have reduced operational overheads and reinvesting the savings back in to the operations, boosting the wages of the employees that drive innovation. 

With the breakthrough of digital marketing, convergence of mobile, laptops, tablets companies have reinforced BYOD Solutions so as to easing the access of business applications and resources to the employees of the organization. Companies drive numerous advantages with cloud computing in terms of speed, cost savings and operational efficiency.  Business leaders today are realizing the importance to deploy robust and innovative solution to be a cost efficient and a flexible organization.  

Clouds have an impact on many parts of the organization. Cloud has become the latest in fashion that typical IT companies are adopting to trim the operational overheads to upgrade the IT infrastructure with scalability.  Business organizations are moving to the cloud for their storage requirements.  The primary reason behind why IT companies are adopting cloud computing is that it replaces automation with manual labor.  With BYOD solutions companies save ample of time, as employers permit their employees to bring along their personal devices and have a full and secured access to business applications and resources. Employees also feel elated that eventually increases their work productivity as they get a ready access to their email, apps, data and company’s critical information on their tablets and ipads.  Companies today running their operations on empowered mobile work-style gain competitive edge over the contenders.  To sum it up, key benefits of cloud computing are agility and low cost that makes the cloud computing overrated. A right blend of enterprise mobility management coupled with agility and speech always go an extra mile to make cloud integration successful.

Amazon web services (AWS) cloud is the newest approach that provides storage, networking and database services that enables customers to build sophisticated and scalable applications. Hundreds of customers today of all sizes are reaping benefits of the cloud computing services.

Cloud strategy and planning helps businesses adopt right cloud solutions to leverage the cloud technology wisely for competitive advantage and cost containment.