What is so special about clouds? First of, what is Cloud Computing? Generally it is the means by which an individual  or company drives their IT operations for a breakfree performance. Cloud, colloquially means a variety of different types of computing concepts that includes massive number of personal computers connected through a real-time communication network. In a more scientific language it means the capacity to run a program on many connected computers at the same time. It means virtual servers would do all the work in the clouds without hampering the end user.

 It is believed that cloud vendor are experiencing growth at the rate of 90%. After the y2k bubble burst, Amazon played a significant role in the development domain encompassing  cloud computing by upgrading their data centers. By then, Amazon introduced a new product development strategy to offer cloud computing to external users and rolled out Amazon Web services (AWS) on a utility computing basis.

 Integration of the multi-cloud systems that are widely scattered, calls for co-ordinated operations, performance, security, corporate governance.  It facilitates the free flow of information between the cloud based components and other external systems.

Today, in tough-to-survive environment, companies choose to move in for a robust IT infrastructure wherein they are able to access their business critical applications 24*7. Lately, It can be witnessed the significant accelerating growth for virtual network operators and use of data centers for the secured information transfer. Deployment of BYOD solutions has become imperative for IT concerns. Furthermore, employees work more efficiently if given them the mobile access to the handheld devices like, Smartphones and tablets wherein they have the authority to access the critical information and applications on their devices.

 Well, many IT business concerns are cashing on by integrating their solutions for a visible performance and a better storage. However, what can concretely be said that there are available many cost effective solutions that enables one to connect to a host server. Thankfully, we live in a digital age where transferring and accessing the information happen at just the blink of an eye. Must say, we have arranged a civilization where crucial elements profoundly depend on science and technology.