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Make more money with your software project proposal

How do I make more money with my software project proposal? This is probably the most frequently asked question among freelancers and small IT companies. The answer is simple: Just create your software project proposals in a thorough and professional manner!

Pay attention to each section of your proposal document
1.    Each part should be clear and well-structured.
1.1. The General Section at the beginning of the proposal is most likely the first part the client will see. In this section, you convince the client that you understand the goal of the project and that you have chosen the most cost-effective method to achieve this goal. Furthermore, it should list the task at hand, project details, requirements, risks, and other general information.
1.2.    The Technical Section includes project details, system architecture, breakdown of work scope, and delivery schedules. This part of the proposal project illustrates your technical expertise, so check it carefully before turning your attention to the next section.
1.3.    The Financial Section is likely to be the most important one to your clients. Cost is often the primary factor clients base their decisions on. This section provides the client with a clear and transparent budget, payment methods, warranty terms, and maintenance terms.
1.4.    The General Information at the end of the proposal is different from the section at the beginning of the document. Here you should illustrate your experience, skills, and knowledge by adding references and portfolios.

2.    Provide your client with pictures and illustrations
Visualization is a great tool that helps you establish contact with your client and improve your mutual understanding. It also will help your client understand your proposal better and play a more active role in the collaboration. Parts that benefit from the addition of images include:
2.1.    System architecture in the technical section
2.2.    Portfolio and references in the general section

3.    Make your document attractive
3.1. Personalize your software proposal with corporate style details, such as logos, header, footer, etc. This feature will dinstinguish your proposal from others and will help draw more attention to it.
3.2.     Make your document as simple and accurate as it possible. Each part should have a title, follow a good structure, and include tables in the right places.
3.3.    Submit the document in a way most preferred by the client, such as MS Word or PDF files sent to the client’s e-mail.
Following all of the above mentioned rules can be rather challenging when working with many clients. For this reason, it can be an advantage to use a system that automates all of the processes listed above, and it saves you time in addition. Log on to and create successful proposals that make it easy to follow the rules mentioned above!

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    Software Proposal Portal

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