RF Antenna: GSM Antenna,GPS Antenna,Wifi Antenna,433Mhz Antenna,868Mhz Antenna,USB Data Card Antenna, Vehicle Tracker Antenna,Combo Antenna, 2.4ghz Antenna, 5.8ghz Antenna,Patch Panel Antenna,Ceilling Antenna, Omni Antenna,PCB Antenna,Magnetic Antenna,Mobile Antenna,USB Data Card Antenna & Car Antenna etc.

RF Coaxial Connectors: SMA Connectors,SMB Connectors,SMP Connectors,SMC Connectors,MCX Connectors,MMCX Connectors, N Connectors, TNC Connectors,BNC Connectors,FAKRA Connectors, QMA Connectors,IPEX Connectors,Hirose Connectors,CRC9 Connectors,FME Connectors,UHF Connectors, 1.0/2.3 Connectors & 1.6/5.6 Connectors etc.

RF Cables/Coaxial Cable: Rg 58,Rg 174,Rg 178,Rg 179, Rg 316,Rg 213, Rg 402,Rg 188, LMR100, LMR200,1.13mm Cable, IPEX Cable, Semi Fexi .141cable,Semi Rigid Cable etc.

RF Cable Assembly/Jumper Cable: SMA Cable Assembly,SMB Cable Assembly,SMP Cable Assembly,SMC Cable Assembly,MCX Cable Assembly,MMCX Cable Assembly, N Cable Assembly, TNC Cable Assembly,BNC Cable Assembly,FAKRA Cable Assembly, QMA Cable Assembly,IPEX Cable Assembly,Hirose Cable Assembly,CRC9 Cable Assembly,FME Cable Assembly,UHF Cable Assembly, 1.0/2.3 Cable Assembly & 1.6/5.6 Cable Assembly etc. [We can assembled all type of cable assembly as per your need]

Mobile Signal Boosters: CDMA Single Band[800 MHz],GSM Single Band[900 MHz],GSM Single Band[1800 MHz],WCDMA Single Band[2100 MHz],GSM Dual Band[900 & 1800 MHz],GSM & WCDMA Dual Band[1800 & 2100 MHz],GSM & WCDMA Dual Band Booster[900 & 2100 MHz].

Wireless Routers: ADSL 4 Port Wireless Router, 3G Router etc.

GSM Module/GPS Module & Combo Modules: SIM 300 Module,SIM 900 Module, SIM900A,SIM900B,SIM900D,SIM908,SIM548,SIM18,MC55i,MC52i,ET314, ET318 etc.

Board to Borad Connectors for Modules: 40 pin, 50pin, 60pin, 80pin etc.

SIM Card Holder: Flip Type, Push Type & Metal Body SIM Card Holders.

GSM Modem & GPS Modem RS232: SIM300 Modem,SIM900 Modem,SIM900A Modem,SIM900B Modem,SIM908 Modem

FCT[Fixed Wireless Terminal]/ FWP[Fixed Wireless Phone]: We also provide FCT & FWP.

USB Data Card Antenna Booster & Mobile Booster Antenna

    Pantagone Satellite

    Pantagone Satellite

    PANTAGONE SATELLITE It is located at Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh introduces itself as one of the leading manufacturer, exporter, importer and supplier.