Introducing Graph Search | Facebook

Facebook introduces Graph search, a way to find people using pictures. It is a very nice feature to be honest. We also have a similar feature but probably not as advanced as facebook.

Centillien is based on tags, if you tag your photos or videos correctly people can find it on Centillien. In photos you can even tag within the picture (as facebook does too) to get an even better result.

It is as facebook says a more advanced way of finding what you like than in traditional search engines which rely on alt descriptions. Check the announcement and see the video of Marck Zuckenberg to find out more and offcourse use Centillien to the best so your customers can find what you want them to.

We will continue to advance our search capability to make sure your content is found as on other social networks. Anyway, we need to update our app that connects to facebook from them probably to support their new feature. Will be continued.....


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