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Commonwealth Life Perusahaan Asuransi Jiwa Terbaik Indonesia     3 Important types of insurance policies
Insurance, the term is originated from 13th century where marine owners want to protect themselves from catastrophic losses.
Here are some types of insurance policies that you need to consider
Life Insurance Policy- A life insurance policy is a quintessential policy that you need to buy. It safeguards individual against untimely death. This policy originated in England in sixteenth century. The policy was further developed at Exchange Alley. The first registered office was established in office in England.
Need of life Insurance
It covers your risk- Life is full of uncertainties and risk Accident, theft, catastrophe, natural disaster, etc. Human beings don’t have much control over life’s risk and uncertainties. This cover acts as a support to family in the times of crisis. Nonetheless, it also fulfills your child’s dreams, or your dream of bigger home, travel, retirement, etc. A life insurance provides you a sense of security that no other investment decisions can provide.
Thus, by having a life insurance policy in the place, you can be assured of peace of mind. Insurance also safeguard you against the loss of income after the retirement.
Other reason for buying life insurance is investment. A lot of other investment option can provide you same yields or returns with added advantage of incentives. But no other investment options can provide you the benefit of risk coverage.
Critical Insurance- Critical illness insurance safeguards you on the diagnosis of critical diseases like heart attack, stroke, brain meningitis, etc.
Need of critical illness cover
Critical illness insurance will provide you a Lumpsum tax free amount upon the diagnosis of life threatening disease.
A critical illness cover is essential for people that have a mortgage in their kitty. So, this insurance policy is essential if you have a family to protect.
It covers a range of disease- The critical illness cover quote covers a wide range of disease. It covers upto 30 diseases like kidney failure, major organ transplants, cancer, heart attacks, coronary artery bypass, multiple sclerosis and strokes.
It provides peace of mind- The critical illness cover quote provides peace of mind. Moreover, not having to worry upon the money, lets you focus more on recovery.

Also, it provides you the benefit of guaranteed premium.
Miscellaneous Insurance
The other must buy insurance policies are accident insurance, fidelity insurance, liability insurance, and theft insurance. Thus, the scope of this type of insurance is increasingly become relevant in today’s times.
In nutshell, the above mentioned cover is not only comprehensive, but it also complements other type of policies.
Source : Dede Yahya