2mm Backplane Connector


High speed backplane connector is widely applied to the large-scale telecom equipments, ultra-high performance servers, supercomputers, industrial computers and high-tech storage devices. Main function is connecting daughter card and backplane in vertical structure, to transmit differential signal or single signal and high current.

2mm backplane connector is the common type of high speed backplane connectors, which with shielding functions in contact lines and connector outer shell, and the signal configuration of ground contacts and shielding requirement should be considered into connector application. With regard to the contacts signal configuration, firstly, confirming signal allocation and allocating the location and quantities of signal contacts, power contacts and ground contacts to reduce cross fire and radiation to ensure reflux function, there should be reflux route near each signal contact, the key signal line should be separated by ground contacts and other signal contacts. The ground contacts is designed longer than power contacts to reduce the insertion and extraction force, and quincunx allocation of ground contacts and signal contacts and alternately arrangement of high speed signal contacts and signal contacts is recommended to reduce crosstalk of high speed connector.