Centillien API,

For programmers or webmasters who want to use some of the free web API service from Centillien, like news integration, geo IP information, true email validation or user profiles we have an fairly open application programmers interface which is RESTfull (ish). It means that it is a pragmatic approach on REST since a full blown implementation is to rigid in our view. It doesn't mean that it is foolish  :-)

The API is basically self documenting for a web developer on what services are available, how to reach them and use them. All services have the format of https://www.centillien.com/services/api/rest/{format}/?method={$method}&query={$query}&api_key={$api_key}

Note that query also might often take the form of guid, which is our unique ID for each object in the system. Supported formats are xml and json.

For those services that require an API key, you can request one using our contact form. State your purpose and website in the request.

We are not planning to create separate html documents on how to use the web API, but we would like feedback if it isn't as self explanatory as we think it is.