Banner advertisement


Centillien is open for business. 

We have an attractive offer for companies who want more attention ! 

Advertising on Centillien is free, like all of our functionality. We also have an opportunity for companies to get more attention to their products and company profiles. And that is the only thing on Centillien that is not free.

But we will get you value for money !! Centillien started in june 2012 and our visitor numbers increase exponentially. So we decided to provide our first commercial product, which is banner advertising. Banners will be displayed on most visited pages in the navigation bar on the right side. Below are actual banner sizes and cost of advertising. 

 Size example: 

 ING bank Google Corporation Neways

Rotating banner We have about 1.000.000 page views monthly. We will show a maximum of 6 ads showing 10 seconds each. The average time on a page is 68 seconds.

Contract time: 4 weeks minimum

Price: € 100,- per week, invoice by email, payment in advance

Dimensions: 200 x 200 (provide URL)

Placement: Right side bar. 

Optional: Activity page (very active page for companies)

File type: (animated) GIF, JPG, PNG

Maximum file size: 100 kB

Advertisement will be shown on most visited pages like advertisement, jobs, news, photo's and video 


You can email the details of your company, please include invoicing address, image and URL to

We will review the banner before acceptance. See our terms to see what we accept as content. Basically "fit for business"