Centillien, functionality overview

New business starts here

Centillien is a social network for business professionals. Companies are not an isolated entity and need interaction with government, customers, employees, investors and press. That is why we encourage those professionals to register and interact.

The basis for your online presence in Centillien is an attractive profile. Since companies are public entities, the profiles and content are public to the internet by default. For more private matters there are groups, messages and you can share content with your business connection only. 

Our functionality is focussed on our target audience, business professionals around the world. We have three markets, news, video, photo's, groups, press releases and many more features to allow organizations to improve their presence . One interesting feature is that you can have all that functionality but in a closer group. Your own corporate network 

Advertisement on Centillien is free, you can directly sell products and service using our free paypall option. Every company gets three free advertisement slots. An advertisement slot can be re-used.

Policy: We do not allow MLM marketeers, home based business advertisers, illegal propositions, sexual, harmful or misleading content.

So if you are serious about business, Join now.

You can use other social network accounts for registration and login. We provide a full set of functionality to be able to get you new business. Use it well 

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